Recently a colleague turned me onto a new piece of technology which I have started using and find VERY helpful: Scan BizCards.


Scan BizCards is a phone app (currently you can get either the Lite Version for free, or the Pro Version for $0.99) and it essentially works as a super-hightech rolodex.  What you do is take a picture of a business card and the app saves the picture, autopopulates a contact page, and allows you to then choose from a range of additional options too (such as emailing the contact to yourself, saving it to your phone, etc.).  There was a small learning curve for me, but now I love that I have a very easy and effective way to save all of my business contact information (short of keeping a mountain of business cards or manually entering all of this data each time I get a new business card).  Very glad I gave it a shot, I hope you find it useful too.


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