The Fourth of July is a holiday that holds special significance to many people, being a holiday synonymous with freedom.  But, however you choose to celebrate, please make sure to do so responsibly as law enforcement will be on the lookout for people breaking the law (which includes DUIs).  By my count, the Tennessee Highway Patrol (“THP”) has announced 63 checkpoints for this one weekend alone.

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As they do every month, the THP has released a list of announced checkpoints (click here to view the full list), and that includes the checkpoints for this Fourth of July weekend.

However, please keep in mind that these are solely the checkpoints that the THP has announced.  As I’ve written about previously, local agencies can (and many likely will) up local efforts, and the Tennessee Supreme Court has ruled that failure to even publish notice of an upcoming roadblock will not invariably render such a roadblock as invalid/unconstitutional.

If you do have a “run in” with the law, keep in mind that you have rights.  You can ask “Am I free to leave?” and, if you are not, you can invoke your rights to an attorney and to remain silent (all of that preferably done in a polite manner).  If you or a loved one are charged with a crime(s), you can and should contact a local defense attorney immediately for a consultation, as time is often of the essence in preparing a case.

But here’s hoping that each of you have an enjoyable Fourth of July weekend, free of any events that might restrict your freedom.  Happy Fourth of July, and until next time I shall remain

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