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Welcome to “Defending Tennessee,” the Criminal Law Blog of Lee Criminal Defense.  Defending Tennessee’s primary author is Nicholas Lee, an attorney that practices Criminal Defense and DUI Defense in Knoxville and the surrounding areas, while maintaining a small general practice to help meet his clients’ needs.

“Defending Tennessee” will be written with three audiences in mind: (1) people who need to learn more about Criminal Law because they, or someone they know, are facing criminal charges in Tennessee; (2) attorneys looking for an aide to stay abreast of the developments in the area of Tennessee Criminal Law; and (3) any non-lawyers who just want to know more about Tennessee Criminal Law.  The goal of “Defending Tennessee” will be to satisfy the needs of all three audiences by posting informed, yet concise (and hopefully not overly-dry) pieces on the fundamentals and developments in Criminal Law in Tennessee.

Listed below are posts in reverse-chronological order.  However, to help you navigate “Defending Tennessee,” all posts are broken down into categories with indexes so you can easily go to what you want to read.  To go to a category’s index, click on its link below:

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THP Announces May Checkpoints

Happy Cinco De Mayo!  If celebrating tonight, please take measures to ensure you make it home safe tonight. The Tennessee Highway Patrol has announced two sobriety checkpoints for Knox County in the month of May.  The first is announced for May 12, 2017 at “S.R.... read more

Lawyering 101 – Checkpoints

Often, I will publish on my Facebook Page the Tennessee Highway Patrol‘s published list of checkpoints for the coming month.  Responding to my posting of June’s list, another local attorney sent me this inquiry: “Can individual departments and... read more

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