Lee Criminal Defense is excited to announce the release our new website: www.DefendingTennessee.com !

Please feel free to take a moment and learn more about our firm, read some testimonials, and save our contact information to your phone.  Nicholas Lee, founding member of Lee Criminal Defense and experienced legal blog author, will serve as primary author for Lee Criminal Defense‘s Legal Blog, “Defending Tennessee,” which will focus primarily on Criminal Law issues as they affect Tennesseans.

“Defending Tennessee” will be written with three audiences in mind: (1) people who need to learn more about Criminal Law because they, or someone they know, are facing criminal charges in Tennessee; (2) attorneys looking for a simple way to stay abreast of the developments in the area of Tennessee Criminal Law; and (3) any non-lawyers who just want to know more about Tennessee Criminal Law.  The goal of “Defending Tennessee” will be to satisfy the needs of all three audiences by posting informed, yet concise (and hopefully not overly-dry) pieces on the fundamentals and developments in Criminal Law in Tennessee.

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